Hair Type and Porosity?

I'm currently transitioning and I was wondering about both my hair type and porosity. I cut around just about the whole perimeter of my head when I got a little scissor happy, but it's most noticeable at the nape of my neck. I was wondering what my hair type seems to be based on this area. I was thinking it may be 4a or 4b.Some background information: I'm 11 months post, med-thick strands, low-med density, and 50-70% shrinkage. In this picture, my hair is 100% dry after using the loc method (if I just left it air dry, there are random curls in a bundle of frizz; my transitioning hair gets a lot frizzier than my cut curls).I also wanted to ask about my porosity. I cannot for the life of me figure out if I'm high or low. When I wash my hair it seems to take quiet some while for my hair to get wet, but the natural hair dries in 10-30 minutes if I let it dry without any product (the relaxed ends stay wet longer). Also, I usually squeeze water into my hair when I use spray bottle or it kind of stays there in beads, unless I'm drenching my hair. Even my most likely heat damaged bangs need to have product worked into them. I would have thought I was low porosity, but the drying time is weird.

2 Answers

As far as porosity, you can find out by putting a hair in a bowl of water and let it sit. If it floats it's Low Porosity (water didn't get in very easily). If it sinks, it's water logged and High Porosity. (I put mine in water and checked it for about 3 hours just to be sure.... floated the whole time....low porosity). If it's at the bottom after just a short time, then there's your answer >High. In the middle would be medium. Sometimes damaged ends will sink but the root stays near the top, that's normal w/ heat and or chemical damage.  The hair at your nape looks like 4a to me (no type 4 expert though ;).
Your porosity seems to be low, I'm also low porosity and the hair at your nape is definitely 4a but I think you have few 3c curls to it too cause I'm seeing bigger curls