What is my hair type and what products should I use?

hi all, I'm having a hard time determining my hair type. It definitely has s shapes too it, but does have some ringlets and gets those shapes more towards my ends. My hair is also very fine and I don't have much of it. I'm also looking to switch up my hair care. I find my hair can be very frizzy and gets tangled and matted near my roots. I'd like to prevent that and have smooth curls. I've been using wen to wash it and honestly haven't looked into product ingredients much. So I'm looking to try new things that will be better for my hair. Any recs? Thank you.

1 Answer

Looks like a stretched out 3a pattern due to length and not much layering (from what I can tell). Find out what your hair porosity is (put a hair in a glass of water. If it sinks=high porosity. Floats= low porosity). Then start watching YouTube for similar curl patterns and porosity that will give you a better idea of where to go with products. Make sure you are watching videos of people that follow the CG or Curly Girl method as that will keep your hair the healthiest.