What is my hair type and what products do you recommend?

Hi all. I've been transitoning for about 6 months and just wanted to know my curl pattern and product recommendations in order to continue with my journey to natural hair. Thx for your answers!

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It is honestly way too soon to tell your curl type. It looks 4a right now but within the next year it could totally change in appearance as it fully grows in and gains length. All of the important things that I would need to tell you that will really help you with your hair - because your curl pattern is important but the LEAST important thing you need to even know to properly take care of your hair - I couldn't tell you about the natural part of your hair yet.If I knew your porosity, density, texture, and strand width it would help me better assess your hair and recommend products. It would also teach you what to use and how to take care of your hair. Your length would also tell you how you need to handle your hair.So here are my suggestions love. Even if you aren't fully natural yet, it is important that you know these things. They will affect you way more than your pattern. Often times we go into this journey really hype about a curl class but have no idea how to really take care of our hair because we are being misinformed or, under-informed rather. Learning these things will give you a head-start of hair care and transitioning. :)Click this for everything you need to know about hair typing systems, including LOIS and the Andre Walker System (aka 2a-4c)Click this to learn about hair porosity, and to figure out which one is yours. (Whatever your porosity is now could totally change since you're transitioning)Click here to learn about density, and to figure out which is yours. (This is something you can figure out properly while your hair is transitioning, because it's genetically determined and wont change.)Click here to learn why those up there even matter lol. Click this again lol and go to the bottom of the page to learn about hair texture and then Click this one for examples of the textures so you can see what it's talking about.Click here to find out about strand width and which is yours. (This is also something you can totally use now. It could possibly change I suppose, but chances are it wont. This can help you with whether or not you need to use light products or not, and if certain styles or tools or handling your hair a certain way is harming it and not helping it. If your strands are fine you have to be a lot more careful than if they are coarse for example.)Click this to learn about why length even plays a factor in your hair care and the tools you should use. (You can follow this now if you want.)This will tell you a basic regimen and basic products you will need for your lovely transitioning hair!*Disclaimer* Remember you don't have to actually go out and buy all those products in the video. These worked for her transitioning hair, and we know that what works for everyone will not always work for us individually lol. Just so long as you have a base of the products on that list you should be fine when transitioning AND being natural.I hope this helps love! xo