What is my hair type? It's very thick and voluminous, has waves and curls,maybe it's damaged?

It has a lot of weird curls, waves, spirals, also some hair is very tightly packed together like dreads, (I've never had dreads) and some straight pieces, it's thick and voluminous and maybe the reason it has so many different types of curls is because it's damaged?? It's also not shiny and it's dry.

1 Answer

great hair. if you care for it properly and use curl friendly products you will maximize the beauty of your hair. don't worry so much on curl type because every curl should be treated with proper care and delicate approach to avoid damaging it. use curl friendly hair products, never straighten your hair and make sure you trim it every 3 months. my blog will be very helpful for you ShaiAmiel.tumblr.com