What is my hair type and what salon services and/or products should I use?

I am mixed race, my mom has type 1 hair that is very fine and thin, my dad has type 4B. My hair is wavy at the top and then large portions come together to make thick, tight corkscrews, and the rest is small sections of loose kinky curls and some random loose corkscrews. Each strand of hair (there are pictures below) is either coarse in texture and kinky from root to tip and visibly thins out (the strand narrows drastically so its half as thick as the rest of the strand, this usually happens towards the end of the hair, right after a kink in the strand, and it's not only thinner it's also fine in texture instead of coarse like the rest of the strand and in that thin section there are no more kinks) at the ends making it prone to breakage and split ends, and the strands themselves aren't very elastic, they aren't bouncy when pulled they look like they should be stronger because they're thicker but they break at the kinky spots and the thin spots.  The other half of my hair is made up of strands that are fine in texture and wavy with no kinks, and these strands are about half the thickness of the coarse/kinky strands, they are also more delicate and soft, with more elasticity, when I pull on these strands they are bouncy and usually stretch instead of break. So because my hair is made up of two completely different types of strands it has been really hard for me to find a good product, so for years I have straightened my hair because otherwise it's a frizzy mess. Of course, all the straightening has caused a lot of damage and split ends and a ton of hair is broken about 2 inches from the roots which has left me with these tiny frizzy kinks that stand up and I have no idea how to make them lay down and even though I've used Redken heat protection spray every time I straighten my hair, the small broken hairs never grow out, or they do grow out and more hair breaks to replace them. My hair was damaged even more when I decided to go ombré last year, and then had it redone after 6 months, and then dyed it back to dark brown 3 months ago, and I'll have to dye it at least 2 more times before the formerly ombré section grows out. Since I'm only dyeing that bottom section of my hair, at least I know the top half of my hair isn't getting chemically damaged, but the bottom of my hair has been the worst, in terms of damage, for years now. Overall my hair is very frizzy, dry, damaged, and color treated, so I'm hoping that knowing my hair type will allow me to choose products that will make a real difference because I've been trying to grow my hair out for 6 years and for the last 5 years every time I've gotten it cut they've had to take off the same length it had grown because the ends are so damaged. If anyone has suggestions for products please tell me! Right now I use: redken extreme shampoo alternating with redken all soft shampoo (I only shampoo once a week), I have redken all soft heavy cream deep conditioner, wella elements deep conditioner, redken color magnetics deep conditioner, redken extreme deep conditioner, redken frizz dismiss (have this shampoo also but don't use it anymore) conditioner and deep conditioner (I deep condition every time I shower), redken CAT protein rinse out spray (I use once-twice weekly), I make my own oil treatment with organic cold pressed coconut oil/macadamia oil/jojoba oil/almond oil which I use once a week and lately have been doing as a hot oil treatment that I leave in overnight, and for leave-in and styling products I have: redken extreme anti snap, living proof frizz nourishing oil, redken diamond oil, redken argan-6 oil, mizani miracle milk, bumble and bumble brilliantine and I used to use redken iron shape as my heat protectant spray before straightening but I just bought alterna bamboo heat protectant which I hope will work better. I have also had redken heat cure done in the salon. 

1 Answer

Micmas Remix which you can buy on amazon or www.micmasremix.com. They only use organic and natural ingredients in their products. Am getting great and fast results using them and my dandruff and itchybscalp are no more.