What hair type would you say I am?

Hi, I have had my hair naturally curly for the last 7 years and in all this time I have not been able to find the product that would allow me to go more than three days without washing my hair (some times I have to was my hair everyday just so that it looks "fresh").Believe me I know it is not good for my hair to be washing it everyday but I need to find out what I should be using for my hair type. But first I need to know what hair type I am! Can anyone help please?Thanks

2 Answers

I'd say your hair is a 3b and very pretty! However, when trying to determine products, curl pattern (and density) isn't that important; they're usually better for determining what styles you can do and how. When looking for products, I'd recommend focusing on your hair porosity and thickness. Hair porosity will help you decide what kind of products might better absorb into your hair so as not to cause build up. Strand thickness will help figure out what products will/won't weigh your hair hair down ( or cause build up). Why do you feel like you have to wash your hair so often (what happens to your hair that makes it seem not fresh)?
Hi UltaMel, I agree with DomiCurls. I would focus on your hair porosity and strand thickness. It looks to me like you're a 3b, but your hair looks very fine. I would recommend staying away from super thick products that contain coconut oil, or too much of any oil. This will weigh your hair down and make it greasy, leading to a need to wash it more frequently. My hair is also very fine, and I am really loving the Elucence products right now. I'm using Elucence Moisture Benefits Shampoo and Moisture Balance Conditioner. They're amazing! My hair doesn't feel weighed down or greasy. I only need to wash my hair maybe 2x a week at most. For a styler, I would recommend Jessicurl Rockin' Ringlets potion. My co-worker has your hair type and has very fine hair. She absolutely loves it. It's super lightweight and leaves her with defined, fluffy curls. I hope this helps. If you don't like my product recommendations, remember that light is the name of the game with your hair type!