What hair type is Shanice Williams as Dorothy?

This Thursday (December 3rd) there will be a naturally curly like us in a leading role in a live production on NBC called The Wiz. Her name is Shanice Williams who will be playing the role of Dorothy. I realized a curly girl will be playing a leading role on live TV this week! Hopefully, others will take noiced of her naturally curly hair. What do you think her hair type is?Here is the video of the behind the scenes look at the production. She is the first one they will talk about, and you will see how she wore her hair to her auditions...different styles.  What is her curl pattern? And why do you think so?http://www.nbc.com/the-wiz-live/video/the-making-of-the-wiz-live/2940469#vc3076=1

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