What is my hair type, please? Thank you!

I'd love to know what my hair type is. Thanks! I believe my hair is naturally a 2b, but after years of scrunching and turning gray, my hair is now a little curlier even when I don't scrunch it. Does that sound possible? The first photo (purple shirt and more gray hair) is how my hair is currently after scrunching. The second photo (outside in pink shirt) is several years ago when I was younger and had just shampooed my hair (no scrunching). Thanks! Hope someone can help me here!

1 Answer

Hi Maria!Yes, your hair type looks like 2b to me. And yes! Hair can get curlier (or looser) with age because of hormone changes. It’s perfectly normal and not alarming. Scrunching is really a matter of preference. I love to scrunch because otherwise my waves have no definition and they just fall flat. Some people prefer not to scrunch because it gives them frizz. How do you prefer your waves? I can give you some tips for scrunching. 1. Make sure your hair is soaking wet. 2. Use prayer hands method to coat your waves with your favorite product (if you use any) 3. Scrunch from bottom up, using a towel or old t-shirt. The towel helps to soak up excess moisture and give you super defined waves. I actually use Studio Dry Hand Towels…it’s my secret weapon! I highly recommend, but a t-shirt will accomplish the same thing.Hope this helps!