Hair Type/Advice

For years I have struggled with my hatred of my hair. Ever since I hit puberty I've had frizzy unruly hair. It is much worse now after being color damaged and heat damaged as well. I just discovered this site recently and now I finally have some hope for my hair and wearing it somewhat naturally without using damaging products in my hair. The first picture is a cut of two different views of my hair Aveda's Be Curly curl definer and some hair spray in my hair. The second is a picture of my hair 100% natural after a shower and completely air dried. Tell what type of hair you think I have and PLEASE by all means if you have hair like mine give me some advice so I don't have to continue using damaging products on my hair and so that I don't have to straighten my hair in the winter time. I love my natural curls but Aveda's Be Curly is super expensive and it doesn't completely keep the frizz away without the use of some hair spray which leaves my hair super crunchy and I hate that. 

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