What hair type(s) am I?

For a while now I have been questioning my hair type. I am mixed race 1/4 Black 3/4 WhiteWhen I was born I had baby curls like most but soon lost them. Up until the age of 14 I had super straight hair not even slightly wavy just straight. Having had long hair for most of my life I decided to cut but to my mums amaze my hair and just change to something more thicker and curlier. For the next two years I had my hair short so had no idea what my hair was like curl wise. So at the begging of 2014 my mother said I should grow my hair a bit to see what it would be like. So I did, I washed it in a way that would keep curls at this time my hair was around a type 3b/3c and felt VERY different to what I was used to in texture. As months went by I found it more difficult to keep my curls in clumps and at this point my mother bought me an afro comb and told me that maybe I could pull of an afro and I could though you could still make out some of the bigger curls in my hair. This was around june of 2014 and since then I have had my hair in what they call and afro hair style.First picture is my hair once I have used a afro comb on it to make it bigger.Seccond picture is my hair up close. (Note I have slept on it for one night)Third is the same as seccond only it's more of a side view of my curlsFourth is my hair wet after I had shampooed and conditioned it.I know I have afro textured hair but I just don't know what curl type I have and Sorry for the long read and all :b

1 Answer

Looks like a type 4c to me but It could change when moisturized. Do you use leave-in conditioners after washing it? If not you could try experimenting with some brands. Cantu shea butter has some moisturizing leave in's and butters which has worked for people with your hairtype as well. When you have leave in or a cream in it you might see more curl texture in your hair so it could be that it will be more of a curly afro.