Hair unevenly curls when air drying, insane frizz, hair type?

After I shower I let my hair air dry, and for some reason the top layer of my hair will get a bit wavy while a portion underneath gets super curly. The over part is somewhere type 2 while the curliest parts of my hair can get to 3b curls at most. I'm not african american and quite honestly don't know a thing about handling hair. I've had problems for quite a while with insane frizz and have only recently started letting my hair dry naturally and not brushing at all when dry. My shampoo is the Trader Joe's Tea Tree Peppermint and my conditioner is tresemme smooth and silky. I use a leave in conditioner, argon oil and as of recently a Shea Moisture curl enhancer. This helps my natural curls come out but only in the under parts of my hair and if i brush my hair the curls will disappear into a frizzy mess.The picture is of the least curly parts of my hair. Any ideas what my hair type is and what products will help enhance my curls and keep them from falling out after a day or two? Also products for frizz control which is a huge issue for me so any dual action products? 

1 Answer

Hi Erin,I'd say your hair is probably 2b at the non curly parts. A piece of advice...drop the brush! Hair brushes and curly girls never mix. Brushing your hair will destroy your curls, cause frizz, and puts you in risk for breakage. Try using a wide tooth comb (with no spikes, make sure the teeth are smooth) to detangle your hair. I recommend SheaMoisture's Curl and Style Milk (style and hold), Kinky Curly's Knot Today (leave in and detangler), and Garnier Fructis' Anti-Frizz Serum (anti-frizz). Try scrunching to try and define your curls (while wet) and then scrunch with a microfiber towel for no frizz and a sped up drying time. Be sure not to touch your hair until it's fully dry. Hope this helps! God bless! :)-curlyheadbri