What is my hairs hairtype? & how do I keep my hair down cus my hair is CRAZY & its thick & full

Im not really sure what my hair type is? From what I've seen my hair isn't like any of your models nor it is like anyones I've seen so far on the Internet. I want to know how to keep my hair down for school & not puffying up all the time. What products should I buy to keep it down and curly oh & my hair is very heavy, thick, longer than my shoulder blades, super curly :) & its somewhat not even, bc my bangs. Well, when I had them they were like 2 cm away from my natural hair length, I just had long bangs. So I wont cut my hair bc it will look weird when its curly. I need help!! It wont stay down for long, it will always get puffy but I still have my curls they will never go away. :) & I love my natural hair its just it wont stay down for school. Plus its very heavy when i straighten it or leave it in its natural state, I sometimes get headaces. Soo HELP A CHILD PLEASE. 

1 Answer

Hi... First off you have beautiful hair!! Your hair type looks like 3b because of the bigger curl pattern (they tell you if its sharpie size its 3b). I recommend the "cantu shea butter" hair products for your thick curly hair it works wonders on mine. ( I have 3b3b/3c hair and its VERY thick.) As for not finding people with you hair type it helps if you put in your race. (I'm mixed so I put in biracial 3c hair) Hope this helps with your hair!!;)