Hairstyles for 2a maybe 2b hair

I'm going to get my hair cut so that should improve things. But other than that, I don't know of the best hair style. Middle parts make me look less feminine, so that's why I side part but as you can see from the picture one side always gets a weird kink and more frizz!

2 Answers

What side do you sleep on? Usually if one side is frizzier than the other it's because it's the side that you sleep on. The best way to combat this is to use a satin pillowcase. Something with very little friction that won't cause breakage or frizz. As for the hairstyle, I think you would look really cute with some layers. This can especially be useful for fine wavy hair like yours because it will add some volume to it. Maybe something like this picture. Take a look at the photos section  here on the site to see if you like any hairstyles!
I think layers would look great. They might give you a big more volume and also shorter hair reduces the weight which can give your waves a bit more curl. Just some ideas!  Post some after pics for us!