Is my hairtype 3c? And can curl patterns change as they grow longer?

Alright, I big chopped in January, (I think I mistook some curl patterns for heat damage and cut more than I should lol anyways I'm free, no more transitioning, heat damage, relaxed ends) I was confused and didn't know what my hairtype was, I thought it was 4a then after, 3c but then I think it's a mix of types 3 and 4. The thing is, when I don't take care of my hair as I should (meaning, detangle, defining, hydrating/moisturizing) it creates a fro that I absolutely love, but when I take my time to section my hair and moisturize it with water and a bit of oil, I clearly see my curl pattern and it's so defined. Also, as it grows longer it seems the curls are becoming bigger, I mean for example, if a curl looked 4a it looks like 3c now, and 3c looks like 3b, etc. Please I would like to read your opinion in order to confirm my curl pattern. Thank you! Xoxoxoxoxo

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