half straight, half curly?¿ help?¿

so when I was little I had all straight hair. over time, however, my hair has begun to grow in curly and frizzy. since then I started straightening a LOT, because hair that's curly at the top and stick straight at the bottom doesn't look amazing. it's not growing very fast, so it looks like I have to deal with it for a while. my hair has gotten damaged due to all the straightening as well. I try to cover it when I don't straighten with braids and ponytails, but I want to be able to wear my hair down naturally without shame. advice?

3 Answers

I had the same problem, different circumstances though. I permanently straightened my hair but decided i didnt want to continue with it so i had to let it grow out. What did was i kept straightening it until it was long enough where i could just chop off the straight part. I know this isnt the best advice but its a tricky situation. You could find a good heat protector and deep conditioner for your hair type. The only other thing I could think of is to perm the straight part of your hair, but you said you didn't like the damage from straightening it, so your options are really limited :/
I recomend you just chop off the straigh damaged parts :/ 
I think maybe you should wait until you have the right amount of hair length for you to want a big chop.. If you don't want to do the big chop I suggest you wait until your hair grows out and wait until those straights are at the ends of your hair then just cut them off.. But whatever you want to do make sure you are happy with it...