What is this on my head??? I need answers

OMG someone please help me!! I dont know what is wrong with my hair. I been trying to figure out my hair type for the longest. Sometimes it seems it could be 3c, 4a, or 4b or a mixture. The short hairs are curly with the diameter of a pen I guess and the long ones are curly like that,some bigger, or just wavy in a S pattern. When it drys it looks like a frizz ball even with the LOC method. I been natural for 5 years now but I def have some heat damage. Please help or this hair will be sentenced to a lifetime of heating training. 

5 Answers

It's kind of hard to tell from these picture, but my guess would be that you're closest to the 4a family. The blonde parts of your hair do seem  looser though, which leads me to believe you might have some color damage (or heat damage if you use heat often)? I would try looking into to protein treatments to see if it makes a difference with your hair, but you may just have to grow it out :\
pics belo
It looks heat damaged and maybe chemically damaged as well, making it hard to identify your true curl pattern.
I cut off all the dead hair