Hello! When to know my hairtype? Is it when it's dry or wet?

What's the best way to know my hairtype? When wet, dry, moisturized, or? Here's a picture of my curls when wet. I have curls that are smaller than this one but most are like this. I already took the quiz xD I'm still confused lol so is it type 2bc, 3abc or 4a?  I'm a newbie and don't know much about curl patterns, it's a bit confusing because I think I have a multi-type kind of hair ('cause some of my curls are kinda big and others smaller) I want and need some opinions please. Thank you! Xoxo :)

4 Answers

Welcome to the "My curls aren't all the same" club. Your pic looks like mostly 3b-3c to me. Mine range from 2a on a bad day, to my best curls underneath- 3a! So it's totally normal to have a range. I think it's good to look curls wet and dry to try and make the best assessment but there are other properties like elasticity, shrinkage and dryness that can effect how short or long your curls wind up when dry. Make sure you know your porosity as it's more important than curl pattern for choosing products and what your hair care regimen might look like. ;)
It is not easy to determine with a small section. Do you have a full head shot, section, or cluster?
Here are some pics after washing my hair. Didn't really detangle today. Can't wait to cut these rat tails -_-'' lol. So now, I think you can tell me better :) I think I have more than one curl pattern.
It is kind of difficult to tell with the weight of the relaxed or heat damaged portion. It looks like it might retract to a 3c.