Please help me!

I have been relaxer-free for almost 3 years. The front section of my hair still has straight ends but the back and sides are 100% natural due to the fact that my hair was shorter in the back. I have been cutting off relaxed ends gradually as I preferred not to do the big chop. The photo is of my hair, freshly shampooed and conditioned (no other product) and allowed to partially air dry. I get my hair shampooed weekly. I have looked online but none of the hair typing pictures seem like a true match to me. I am finally ready to cut it but would like help in determining the right products for my type. I think it is a mix.  So looking at the back and sides (if you can zoom in) what is it?

3 Answers

This picture is a bit hard tot tell from, but it looks like you could be a 3c, 4a, or 3c/4a. When determining products, what should really be focused on is porosity. This will help give you an idea of what wil/will not absorb into your hair/ what your hair needs. For product suggestions there is 3c Nikki's  and Devri's (your har reminds me more of Devri's) recommendations and 4a Amanda's recommmendation.
thanks. All the descriptions I read made it seem like 3c was a silkier curl, my hair can feel coarse/rough when dry.  
Thanks. I checked out the link you recommended. I am also including a pic of the front of my hair. It has a different curl pattern than the back. I tried (unsuccessfully) to do a twist out recently. My hair doesn't hold braids very well. After about 3-4 days I had taken all of the twists down (actually they were starting to come undone). This is the result in the front.