Help! Can you decipher my hair type?

Hey, i've just started my account on here after reading quite a few posts and answers- which i've found both interesting and useful! But most don't work on my hair :( that's when i realised that everyone is talking about their different hair types.. do any of you think you could tell me what mine is??It shrinks when it's wet but corkscrews when soaked.. i am a Malaysian and Jamaican mix (if that helps?).Please help me! And if you know of any internation products that i could use as well.. i'd very much appreciate it! (UK subscriber)Thank youu ♡

2 Answers

i think your hairtype is 3c
Most of  you hair/ the lower back portion seems to be 3c. Higher up and towards the front some of it seems to be 3b and I can't tell if your bang area seems to be 3a or heat damaged.