Please help me determine my hair type. I think I'm a 2a, but this is all very new to me.

I recently chopped off and donated 14 inches of hair about a month ago. Now that I have short hair again (just past my shoulders) I've noticed some wavy-ness coming in. Every hair stylist I've ever had has told me that I have wavy hair, but I just have always felt like I just have very unmanageable, poofy, frizzy straight hair. My hair has never taken to being straightened very well, but it holds curls quite nicely when I use the right product in it (also helps to have a professional do it). I'm hoping someone can help me determine my hair type and maybe give some suggestions on how to manage it and help enhance my waves. I have been able to determine that I have low porosity and maybe medium to high density hair (could use some help with that too). I have attached two pictures one shot of the full length of my hair and one that hopefully shows density. Thanks for any help/suggestions.

3 Answers

I agree that you are 2A because your hair has a few waves in it and sits closely to your head as natural curly indicates. I actually disagree and believe that you hair is not very dense and is low or even medium in density because it is easy to see your scalp. However, I am not sure about your thickness but your hair does look fine to me. 
I think you have very fine hair because like Vithya said, its easy to see your scalp but its not TOO thin maybe like between thin and medium. Taking it from a person with curly-coily hair, I think you have 2a as well.. 
Hi there! If it waves or curls up now, it's likely 2b .. It does look "kinda" straight but if you wash( or wet it down) and add some styler and it curls some it's not truly straight-straight..or even very mildly. If you only ever see a mild wave,  no matter what,then yes, it's 2A