Help my hair is several different types and I don't know how to style

I have some hair that is wavy, some that's small loose curls, and some that have tight curls. I don't know how to style it because all it is is poofy and it lacks any type of shape. My roots are very straight and smooth. I've perfected straightening and curling it and I love it like that but I'm tired of frying it and it takes so much time to do. I want to embrace my curls but I don't know how!! I try "plopping" and using tshirts to dry my hair which helps but obviously not enough. HELP

1 Answer

two things that could really help enhance your curls are to follow the Curly Girl Method! And to get it cut with some layers. The length is weighing it down. You would find your curl pattern perk up with those two things. If you can, get a Deva Cut- where they cut it dry, curl by curl and give it a more rounded fuller shape.