Help with hair type? I'm clueless!

I took the hair quiz and came up with 2b. However, my hair looks way less curly than what is described in the description of 2b. Sorry for the bad quality photo. In the photo, my hair is untouched and shampooed with only a clarifying shampoo. Thanks so much, in advance! 

2 Answers

Hi Rhdscait, You definitely have wavy hair. If you took the quiz and got 2b, more than likely you are. I am a 2b but some days (and with certain weather) my hair will look like yours in the picture. The reason your hair looks looser in the picture is because you did not use any products. Try not to get too concerned with hair type. It's just a guide to help you with products. As long as you know how your hair behaves you can make better decisions on what to use on it. Let me know if you have anymore wavy questions. :) You can directly ask me a question by selecting me in the Editor drop down. 
i am almost positive that your hair is 2b