Please help ! what is my hair type ? picture below .

4 Answers

Hi, the pic is kind of far but I would say a 4c
Thanks! Is it better with this pic?
it looks like its 4c but if your still not sure i have a picture and a video below on how to find your hair type.
My hair is coarse, high density, medium porosity and likes protein. It has a mixture of mulitple curls sizes with straight and wavy hairs growing in between the curls. Always I have an undergrowth of silky 3c curls. I basically just scrunch Lumpy (that's what I call my curl pattern) while damp with a leave-in conditioner and 2-3 drops of jojoba oil, thenjust pat it into place. I have an active lifestyle and perspire heavily in my head, so I wash or rinse my hair several times a week and deep condition weekly. I wore a shaved hair style after big chopping in early 2000, now after 1 year of letting it grow out, but still keeping it short, I'm completely baffled. Can you help an old girl out?