Help! I have NO idea what my curl type is, even after taking the quiz?

I've uploaded a few photos, hoping you guys can better determine what type of curls I have! My hair is more wavy towards the back. It takes a long time to straighten- about an hr and a half-2 hours. I do have some springy coily curls, but they aren't all like that. My hair thickness is medium. I wouldn't consider my hair coarse. It gets frizzy easily, and is hard to make shiny. My roots are more wavy as well.Thanks!! :)

1 Answer

Looks to be 3b to me based on what I see in the pictures. Keep in mind that it's fairly common to have more than one type on the same head, and curl patterns can change based on length, condition of hair, hormones, etc. For example, when my hair is short, I have more 3c curls, but as it gets longer, they become more 3b. Hope this helps!