Help, im not sure if what types of my hair it looks like is mixed 3B and 3C

I'm half black american and filipino,  and is really hard to find a product for curly hair here in Philippines,  some people always laughing at my hair,  cauze is so  bushy, frizzy,  that's why everytime I everytime I go outside my hair only pony,  since I was young and I want a  iv different for my hair and to be define,  last time I went to salon, and for digital perm they said they cant cause my hair will only damage if they're going to perm it,  then I asked them if my hair had a chance to be define,  abd theh said it dont have.  But I dont believe cause I saw some girls,  on video and pictures have a same type of mine,  I k ow it has a chance,  I already type the other products,  but I know isn't enough,  cause there's  so many straight hair in our country :'(

1 Answer

Ethnicity doesn't have a lot to do with possible curl definitions and some hair just naturally doesn't have definition and/or as a curl pattern. Have you already had a perm?Unfortunately, no one here can really tell you what your hair type is or what products might help you without a picture of your hair :\ ( and may some information on porosity).