Help, problem with frizz!

Hi, I am new to this site, and have damaged, frizzy, hair. I do not know my hair type, I would say 2C-3A, anyone think differently based on my avatar? I just purchased two products from Curl Junkie - the leave in conditioner and the curls in a bottle. My regime now as an oil, a leave in conditioner, and a curl defining spray from John Freida. Some days it looks good, but most lately it just looks frizzy while other days it has more ringlets ... Help me tame my curls!! And figure out my hair type!!

1 Answer

Hi Allie, Welcome to NaturallyCurly! I would say you look like a 2b/2c from what I can see in your photos. It sounds like you're using some great products, I would just be sure you use the best techniques for you when applying them. It will probably take A LOT of trial and error so don't get frustrated by the process. For example, a lot of curlies like to use the "LOC Method" which refers to the order you apply products, Leave-in, then oil, then curl cream. In your case I would say apply your leave in first to wet hair after the shower, then a small amount of oil at the ends, and then your spray. I typically have to scrunch my curls after that to get them to form. You said some days are frizzy and others aren't, this has to do with the weather so sometimes it will be out of your control. I hope this helps, and if you come across more challenges I hope you'll share your questions here because it helps other wavies out too. :)