HELP! What is my hair type??

Hi sweetmomma's! My name is Cora and I've been natural for 6months! I can't figure out what my hairtype is since I have so many!... I assumed I was a 4a girl but I'm not sure! I dyed my hair blond the same day I bigchopped but I dyed it back to black. I cut all of the dyed hair off. I recently cut ny hair again.. And my hair has become low porosity. I don't know my hair anymore and I'm trying to figure that out. My hairstrands are coars and high density. A lot of info but please help.Sorry for the grammatical mistakes I'm typing this from my phone and it's hard to check.

3 Answers

How do I add pictures on here btw??
Hair photo Dyed blondAfter chopping all the dyed hair off
It would be easier to answer if you have a picture. I tried looking at your link, but it said the picture had been deleted or moved. You can edit your question and add a picture by going to the line where it says "attach an image to your question" and click on the button that says "choose file." From there, you select an image from your computer to upload. I'm not sure if it will work on a smart phone, I've never tried it.But the way you originally tried to do it by including a link to a picture on a photo sharing site works too if you prefer to do it that way.