Here we go again. Help with hair type/curl pattern - please and thank you!

So previously I asked if hair can have varying curl patterns on the same strand of hair and I got a few yes answers, but now I'm wondering if my hair is just damaged from years of flat ironing. I took the quiz a few times answering slightly differently yet still honestly each time and every time I got 2C... but my hair didn't look like any of the photos of 2C hair. I never blow dry, but I did flat iron every one to two weeks (except in the summer, no flat ironing due to so much swimming). About 3 months ago I started flat ironing much less, like once or twice per month, and beginning March 1 I put the flat iron completely away. So in the photo hopefully you can see the tight waves near the scalp and how drastically it changes to looser flat S shaped waves, that's the part I'm thinking is due to heat damage that may have changed the curl pattern. I actually cut a lock of hair from the back over a year ago (personal reasons) and now that hair is about 7 inches long and curly, not wavy, maybe a 3B/C. So I'm thinking that all my hair is really curly but can't get its curl on due to the damaged stuff hanging on and that's why it just looks like tighter waves near the scalp. Is there a way to upload more than one pic? Any thoughts are much appreciated.

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So I can see your curls from the thumbnail as your profile pic and your hair looks a lot like mine right now. I used to flat iron and use the curling iron and hair dryer on my hair about once a week and at most once every two weeks. I'm transitioning now and have about an inch of my actual curl on my head. When I went to the hairdresser she told me my hair type is probably 3b/c but right now I don't really fit into a curl pattern because of the damage from the flat iron. I'd say you're in the same boat as I am. The key right now is just MOISTURE. I've decided to go completely CG and the products I'm using are Nature's Gate Tea Tree Shampoo (sulfate free) and Nature's Gate Tea Tree Conditioner (sulfate and silicone free). For styling I just got the Kinky Curly Knot Today leave in and Kinky Curly Curling Custard. They work wonders together! I've also got a bunch of different essential oils for homemade deep treatments. I'd say don't use the flat iron or any kind of heat on your hair and give your curls time to grow back in. Pair that with regular trims with a stylist who specializes in curly hair and you'll be good to go!