Hey guys, will I be able to know my hair type even though my hair is relaxed?

My hair was relaxed when i was younger. My mom wanted it to be texturized like I normally do but my cousin made the hairstylist relax it instead. I have done the big chop twice but my hair is very thick and long and I didnt know how to handle it so I relaxed it. Now I was thinking of doing the big chop again because I am really tired of my relaxed hair but I don't want to do the big chop again and then not be able to take care of my hair. It's so confusing because I dont know what to do. I was so stressed one day I actually took a pair of scissors and chopped off my hair. I dont know if I should go natural, texlax or stay relaxed..Sorry if this is long.. I just need advice?

1 Answer

you will have to wait for new growth to determine you type,for African American people there hair types usually range from 3c-4c