Hey can anyone help me with my hair type?

I think it is 4a but not quite sure. I would also like some advise on products to use to define my curl and reduce frizz, I am using cantu define and shine custard right now but it tends to flake.. I just recently did the big chop so my hair is probably 2 inches or so. Also if some could recommend a good black dye. :)

1 Answer

From what I can see, it seems to be growing in 4a and very shiny :) I'm still transitioning, but I've seen A LOT of natural use ecostyler to define their type 4 curls. Also, I've heard/ seen really good things involving the Shea Moisture Jet Black dye. A lot of naturals like the color, see little to no damage, and say the products end up leaving their hair softer than they thought/before they dyed their hair.