Hey I'm an 18 year old male Jamaican (Black) mixed Indian whats my hair type?

I am sorry if this has been asked before but like I was saying my fathers side is Jamaican but Dominantly Black while my mother side is also Jamaican Black but she's Half Indian. I have a weird curl pattern where some of my hair will be curlier than others and I would also like advice on caring my type of hair. Like whats the best way to curl my hair the most etc. Thank you, its my first time here so all respect please. Thank You  

2 Answers

4a hair type. You could try a wash and go or braid/twist out. There are quite a few YouTube tutorials for guys with your hair type that you can search for.
(Is your hair wet in these pictures? For a more accurate opinion, you'd have to determine curl pattern on dry hair as wet hair is often weighed down and loosened by the water; that being said.....) I'd agree and guess 4a, mainly. I wouldn't worry much about some hair being curlier than others. IF there is no heat damage and you feel you have a proper moisture to protein balance, it just might be the way your hair is. A lot of curly hair people have a mixture of curl patterns or hair textures. If you want a more even curl, you could try finger coils, twist outs, braid outs, perm rods, flexi rods, bantu knots, etc.