Hi Curly Girls, I recently started my transitioning and I need help determining my curl type!!!!

I started transitioning in December after years of weave and braids. I never wore weaves as a protective style as I never took care of my natural hair at all. I relaxed my leave out and on occasions I used to relax my entire hair. I have not relaxed my entire hair for a while now but my last relaxer was in October 2016 where I relaxed my leave out at the front. My hair is super happy now I'm caring for it like never before well that is apart from my peach fuzz edges which are very dry but I have been having daily conditioning treatments and my curls are starting coming alive. I would just like some advice about what my hair type is at present. I believe I'm a 4a however some parts seem like 3c. I could even be a 4b/4c for all I know.

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