Hi, please help me identify my daughters hair type and how I should best care for it.

she is mixed and seems to have hair ranging from tight curls to loose ones. I have tried looking at all the charts but can't find anything matching her hair. She is 2 1/2 and I have not used any chemicals -only coconut oil, Shea butter, olive oil type products. Organic shampoos and conditioners with no sulfates. The picture is of her hair after being brushed so the curl isn't as tight as usual, also it is after a nap so it's frizzy and more matted...she does have a large percentage of her hair that is tight curls- the last picture is the tightest curl part after a nap...thank you for your time and help!

1 Answer

Try combing her hair while it's still wet and conditioned. By brushing it dry you might ruin her curl pattern, that's why the curls aren't as tight as usual after brushing. Give the curly girl handbook by Lorraine Massey a shot, think it really saved the hair of a lot of curlies! :) Btw, did you meant shampoo's without sulfates?