Hi, I had curls type 3a when I was younger but it changed to 3b. I'ld love to get 3a back. Possible?

2 Answers

It's natural for your hair type to change over the years. Sometimes it goes back, sometimes it doesn't. If you had looser curls as a little girl, but now that you're a teen (just guessing here), you probably won't go back to the looser. But it's possible. Curl pattern changes during times of hormonal change (puberty, pregnancy, menopause, etc.) or because of certain medications or medical conditions. So it's hard to say.  Some people say your hair texture changes every 7 years, just because. 
It's common for your hair to change every 7-10 years. In my case my hair curl pattern became much looser from my teen years to my 20's, so there's a chance your curl pattern will get looser again. But, there's not really anything you can do to change it one way or the other.