Hi, I'm really desperate for an answer, how can I grow out my relaxed hair? Any options?

It's getting really frustrating and exhausting, not knowing what hair type I truly have. To help you, the reader understand. When I was 7 and under I had beatifulllllll soft 3a hair. But once I turned 8, my hair got super thick, or in my mothers words "hard to manage." And due to the drastic change, my hair was never really styled naturally. When I turned 9 my mother started relaxing my hair. And of course retouching it when ever it grew out. When I was 14 I tried to go natural. Let's just say I didn't last a year. My hair was already way too damaged and flimsy.  So I went back to relaxing and heat styling. On top of that I started coloring my hair red. And now 18 already i got married recently, and decided that for the wedding this will be my last relaxer, hair coloring experience. Oh and not only that but my dear cousin straightened my hair for the wedding and that was a disaster. My hair was damaged as is, but how roughly she straightened my hair, that just killed it. It's breaking so so much. Especially at the crown. I'm so frustrated :-( I don't know what to do anymore. Please give me and answer :-(

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