hi I've been having trouble determining my hair type and how to keep it frizz free.

I used to have really really curly hair when I was little but I damaged it so much in middle school and high school. Now it's been a couple weeks since I started wearing my hair completely  natural but I have been having trouble controlling frizz and determining my hair type.

1 Answer

Looks like you have a 2b! As far as frizz goes, both products and your technique are important. If you use gels, make sure they are alcohol free, as this will prevent a dry, frizzy look. When you style your hair, only touch it before and up to the point that you've put your product in, and then do not touch it until it dries! I don't know if you're interested in product suggestions/ideas, but perhaps you could try Garnier Fructis' sleek and shine products? They can be found practically anywhere, and they're fairly cheap, which is good for a product that you're only wanting to rest out. I personally love their leave in and the Curl Sculpting Cream Gel. I generally have very frizzy hair, but when I use it, it tames my frizz very well, and also defines my curls nicely. Determine if you like the fruity smell, though. Some people don't! Also, I've heard lots of good things from John Frieda's Frizz-Ease products, but they cost a bit more.I hope you find what works for your hair! :)