High porosity, fine, dense hair?

So I have a lot of problems with my hair. As a child, it had a very subtle wave and was very manageable. It all changed when I started high school and started showing my German heritage (Think Einstein). My hair can range from 2c curly waves to a mostly straight ball of fuzz depending on the day, even though I have the same routine every night. I have a lot of fine/medium width hair and it is pretty porous and very frizzy and I don't know how to reconcile the two. I either treat the frizz and flatten the curls (which I love) or I play up the wave and frizz. Does any one have any advice or experience that could help me? 

2 Answers

You can try rubbing some coconut oil or olive oil in your hands a smoothing them over your hair to tame the frizz. Your hair is very porous so it will soak it right up. 
Use leave-in conditioner topped with gel.  Don't touch while drying so the waves/curls dry undisturbed - this will reduce frizz.  Don't detangle or brush dry hair.  Fine hair that is porous should benefit from protein, so consider conditioners with protein as your rinse-out and leave-in.  Consider protein treatments as well for necessary protein hits.