How can i go wavy?

I have really curly that shrinks a lot. I want long wavy hair. I want to try herbal essences' wavy hair products. It claims to make every hair type turn into wavy hair. would this work on my hair? If not are there any other ways?

2 Answers

You can do big roller sets, twist outs, braid outs, or banding. Those wavy products are more geared towards people with straight hair wanting to get wavy hair. There are some products that elongate curls though.
The Herbal Essences´wavy hair product most likely does not work. You can´t really change your hair texture. Just be happy with what you have. However try products like Marc Anthony strictly curls stretch product which elongates your curls.Like JessiiLeighh mentioned you can do twist outs, braid outs, etc.