Okay, so when I was 14 I developed beautiful curly hair (3A) glossy, smooth ringlets, easy to manage. But, during my freshman year of high school, I wanted the straightened hair look (stupidest decision ever). Whenever I would straighten my hair the ends would flip out and it wouldn't be pinned straight like I wanted it to be. So, I began to use this product for curly hair to make it straight (2nd bad decision). It gave me what I wanted but sadly ruined the beautiful curls I once had. I spent the entire summer using no heat and ditched that straightening product [john frieda 3-day straight] now, I have wavy, kinky (2B). How can I get back to my beautiful curly? Products, home remedies, I'm open to anything! Thanks!

2 Answers

Time and patience. You will have to nurse your hair back to health with proper conditioning and styling.I've been natural for 13+ years but straightened my hair two years in a row. Now my hair is back to its natural curl pattern after 6 months of TLC.
I did an at home Brazilian blowout type thing. HUGE mistake. I ended up having to slowly cut off the damaged hair. It took 16 months. Well worth the wait and quite the learning experience. Just be patient and take care of your hair. Best of luck!.