What curl type do I have?

I know this question is probably played out on here, but comparisons don't work. I can't seem to match my hair to anyone else's fully on here, and the curly quiz doesn't work for me because I get confused on some of the questions and I can't tell which is right. I tried to take as close a picture as I could. I BELIEVE I'm a 3b or 3c, but confirmation would be fantastic! I have three different textures on my head. The first picture is of the curls on the right of my head, which are clearly very defined. They are also present on the underside of the left of my hair. The second picture is of the left, which has looser, thinner curls (possibly damaged, but could be a type as well, I'm not sure). The third picture is of the back, and I'm somewhat positive that it's just like that from heat damage, though it may not be. It's more coarse than the rest, and a lot thinner. It doesn't really curly, just makes little waves as you can see. If anyone could help, specifically with the first and second pics, that'd be great!

1 Answer

hi I think your hair is probably 3b or a very looser version of 3c. or maybe both. I hope I helped a bit!