I am 19 now and I have been using relaxers since I was about 10, how can I find out my curl pattern?

Although I am not completely sure on how old I was when I first began using relaxers/texturizers, it had to be since I was 9-12yrs. I am now 19 and recently cut my hair into a pixie but I am still using a relaxer as of now. I've been doing some research but can't seem to figure out my curl pattern. When my undergrowth comes out more, it seems as if it has a slight "s" pattern but it has never been tight or springy which is why I don't really know if I am considered "coily" but I probably am. I want to transition out of my relaxers so that my "coils" come out more so what's the BEST way to achieve this without cutting my hair off completely?

1 Answer

You'll never see your hair's natural beauty until you stop relaxing/strHATENing.  Stop relaxing now and start look for alternative styling methods to get you though until you are ready to cut the "damaged" relaxed hair off.  The damaged hair has to come if you want to see your hairs true nature.  Avoid flat irons and hot combs at all cost.  I know it can seem scary to cut off that much of your hair but luckily your hair is already in a short pixie cut.   You will be amazed at how quickly your hair will grow once it is in it's healthy natural state! Good luck to you!  I am so excited for you to experience the joy of embracing one's natural hair!