Can I go from a 3b to a 2b?

I've been trying to figure out my hair for almost 5 years now. My hair used to be really frizzy and not curly at all. I had always worn a hood or hat over my hair and it was dreadful.Soon I started to actually do things with it, tried different products and such and it kinda got there. I started wearing my hair up all the time because I either didn't want to deal with it or half way through the day it got too frizzy and I couldn't deal with it. There was also a year in middle school where I just straightened it everyday.My bangs are the problem a lot so so I always have them back, and now I'm working and I'm required to have my hair pulled back. I wet my hair everyday to style it and don't use shampoo very often and if I do it's sulfate. I use conditioner pretty often. Lately I've been noticing my hair falling out and thinning? Keep in mind 4 years ago I went a year straighting it to death.Now I'm thinking I just want to chop my hair off and have short hair and maybe start over with my curls. I'm wondering if it's possible to make my curls a little bigger because I like the look of short big curls.The first two pictures are hair I'd love to have,The third picture is the old me with my crazy frizzy hairThe last one just shows my curl type one night I was really nice

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