How do I get my 3B spirals back? Stressed caused me to lose hair &my curls changed. Ill do anything!

My hair used to be completely 3B, I am 24 and stressed caused me to lose massive amounts of hair and my 3B spirals/ringlets became wavy :( I switched to the Devacurl method and it didn't help. So I now use Pantene Curl definition and it seems that I've gotten some, but not all of my 3B ringlets back :/. Whether it's a cut or a product, I will do anything and everything to get my 3B curls/ringlets/spirals back!

1 Answer

Firstly, it's important to take a breather and not stress out more over your hair as stress is what got it to where it is to begin with.  Second, Deva didn't work for me either even though everyone swears by it, it's not a one size fits all product so don't worry about that ONE product not working.  I suggest doing some good cleansing (look into Zezyphus Spina Christi and Dr. Bronner's Castile *remember to dilute it*) so that you make sure there is no product build up in your hair and let it dry naturally, either air drying or plopping or whatever no-heat method you prefer.  The cleansing alone should bring out some more curls.  What you can do next is a good deep conditioner, I recently started using the Aussie 3-Minute Miracle Deeeeeep Conditioner and it works awesome.  Once you do this for about 2 weeks (at least 3-4 times within those 2 weeks) get your hair trimmed by a curl specialist who will be able to give you better/more targeted feedback to your specific situation.  If you are in the NYC area try Leslie Ellen, she did what Deva cut promised but couldn't deliver for my hair.  Good luck!