I am african american, have never chemically altered my hair but it does not curl. Why is that?

My hair has always seemed to have different textures in different areas of my head but none are distinguishable for my race, I guess. My hair isn't coily or curly or anything. It just stays straight for the most part and a little poofy at the roots. I'm not sure how to go about this because I would like to wear my hair in its natural state, if only it would look presentable. Currently I get a blow out every couple of weeks because my hair straightens really well, but I would like to do something different. Attached is a photo of my blowout and then with a Bantu knot twist out.

1 Answer

As African Americans, we are an awesome (If I do say so myself) mix of cultures and DNA that creates cool combinations, like high cheekbones or hair that's more straight than curly, like yours.  Quick question.  Has your hair always been straight?  Take a look at your childhood pictures, the ones taken before you started straightening your hair.  Part of your hair's straightness may come from excessive heat styling.  If that's the case, try to ease up on the straight look and keep the flat ironing to once or twice a month, tops.  If it's just your genetics, enjoy your quirky tendrils.  If you want texture, set your hair with braid outs, twist outs or curly rod sets.  Or just rock your big bushy hair.  Big hair of all textures is hot, so wear yours with pride.