I can't figure out if my hair is high or low porosity - it seems like both at the same time? Frizzy

My hair is bleached with natural roots. Both bleached and natural hairs float on water. They never sink no matter how long they're left in water. My hair is extremely dry and frizzy, even poofy if I don't use oils/BBB. The only way my hair looks really nice, is if I round brush blow dry it with a boar bristle brush. Only way to smooth it down/make it pretty. So I thought, I must have very low-porosity hair, since I need heat in order to get my hair to open up. But my hair does not look shiny or healthy, at all, which low-po's are supposed to apparently. It looks frizzy and dry and crappy. My hair is frizzy and doesn't hold moisture either, though, I don't think, just like the high-porosity. It has also been very chemically treated and damaged. So I just don't know. I feel that my hair is both high and low porosity in different ways, but that makes no sense. What do you think? I have been no-poo for about two months, with one shampoo wash in the middle (hairdresser, woops). Trying to figure out what type of hair I have so I can get this frizz thing under control. I use lots of honey, tea, ACV, oils, etc. I rarely use baking soda.

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