I cant figure out my hair type?

i'm a 15 year old dude with somewhat curly Afro hair (Nigerian-american) i have a picture below. I Have no idea what my hair type is and, i'm hoping one of you can find out what it is by the the picture. I have dry hair it flakes when i pick it out, i need a good moisturizer or something because apparently the things i use don't work at all. My water-based moisturizer is Olive oil organic root stimulator, i use desert essence jojoba oil to seal, it does nothing for me whatsoever in fact i think it causes buildup, in the morning when i try to pick my hair out its hard to comb i do this process almost every day and i think it causes breakage because some of my ends look broken. Is Shea moisture smoothie any good? I heard its organic and provides good moisture.      (I have a satin durag and a satin pillowcase) i also have a metal and plastic pick. my shampoo is Generic tea tree oil (bought from sallys) i currently have no conditioners.

1 Answer

I would say you have 4A or 4B coils! Here's what we use to figure out our hair type- http://www.naturallycurly.com/texture-typingThis looks like thick, coarse hair, but tight corkscrew-like curls. Check out this article section on NaturallyCurly, it may be helpful-  http://www.naturallycurly.com/topics/view/men