How do I change my hair or make it appear like this

The first picture us what my hair looks like and the two pictures below is the hair I strive for. Why I doesn't my hair get defined like that when I wet it? It's always big and puffy and it's not a good look for me... btw none of these girls are me nor are they the same person.I have 3c hair , low porosity, and thick frizzy hair

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you could try hairstyles like braidouts or twistouts but if your hair is naturally poofy than that's what it's gonna do.  But there's nothing wrong with that.
Try conditioning. I know my hair is far from that but it used to be puffy when it dried out until I started using coconut to condition it twice a week and when I washed I would apply conditioner for about 5 minutes then rinse it.So I recommend you to use coconut oil leave it for 30-40 then wash it. After shower apply some  drops of oil before styling and then follow your regular styling routine.I have a friend with similar type of hair and she has long a beautiful hair, she uses the whole Palmer's coconut oil formula. You could try that too.
Your hair is much more dense than the girl's hair you posted the picture of. Even if you were to get more defined curls, it may not look like those girls shown.You should try some styling creams and moisturizing. Hair that is moisturized will easily retain definition. Try getting yourself some gel, styling creams, or gelees. There are countless products out there, just find what works for you.TIP: Try working on wet hair, it usually comes out much more deceased.
I know how you feel, I am trying to reach some hair goals too and they are proving to involve learning a lot to make them come true; luckily we have this forum to help us. Sometimes when hair has not reached its maximum hydration level, it can be puffy. Step1:Try sectioning off your hair in to 6-10 sections and keep it in those sections through out this entire process so each area gets the absolute maximum hydration. Step 2:Detangle your hair with a wide tooth and apply a pre-poo of cold -pressed, virgin coconut oil left in overnight covered with a plastic shower cap. Step 3:Then, at least 10 hours later if not more during the next the day, use a no sulfate shampoo that is moisturizing. Gently undo one section at a time and secure it when you are done, gently (make sure you have no jewelry on and that your nails are filed.) with your finger pads, gently rub your scalp and roots with the shampoo in a back and forth motion not circles that can cause single strand knots, careful not to tangle the length of your hair Step 4:When you are done shampooing bloat our the water with a t-shirt and then apply a deep conditioning mask to each section and re-securing each section,( one that you can leave in for 1hour) cover your hair with a shower cap to generate heat and to open up your hair to receive the mask.Step 5:After an hour has passed rinse out the mask and apply a deep moisturizing conditioner to each section and leave on for about 15 min. Step 6: 15 minutes later ,rinse out the conditioner and using a t-shirt to just take off some of the water until your hair is damp. Step 7:Then apply a moisturizing leave in conditioner, coconut oil and a moisturizing hair crème and then some moisturizing hair gel and then braid or twist your hair. Let it air dry.Step 8:The next day coat your fingers in coconut oil to undo your braids or twists and most likely you will see your hair clump and be defined and super beautiful  
Yes, now a days hair style look to get more defined curls, it may not look like those girls shown. May be helps some article for you.
The first pic looks like my hair
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