I have no clue what my hair type is... I just went natural about a year and a half ago...

I have no clue what hair type i have but I was so tired of having relaxed hair and wanted to embrace my natural hair and being mixed (black dad and white mom; mom has really thick curly hair) but since I've had my hair relaxed since I was little, I really only know how to deal with straightish hair... Can someone help me along this natural hair journey and teach me their ways?? I'm losing hair and I'm so lost.

2 Answers

Your a 4a. Are you completely natural? I lost a lot of hair while transitioning, trying to keep both textures. What is your actual routine? I'm a 3B, I don't know if this will help, but, this is what I do:1. I wash my hair twice per week, I use shampoo. Actually, now I'm using a DIY onion shampoo for strength. 2. I deep condition twice per week (when I don't have time I only do it once).3. I clarify and do a protein treatment once per month. 4. To style my hair, I use the LOC method finishing with a styling lotion.I know that is super general, let me know if you want more in deep info. In your case, I think you should co-wash instead of using shampoo.
3c/4a you have cute curls.your hair looks colored so try to incorporate some protein and follow up with moistureif its not colored then dont unless if you have fine hairmore info on your hair can provide us with more tips