Need advice for 3 very different hair textures!

My hair is 3b, loose wavy curls at the top.  4a, tight curls that shrink into a mini fro and this type of hair is also in my nape area.  I have 3c curls everywhere else.  My hair is bra stap length.  Imagine what my hair looks like when I wear it down.  The 3b hangs over the 4a, that pushes the rest of the hair up.  I tried a wash and go, which just makes the different hair types more obvious.  I do twist outs, but the sides and nape have a mind of their own and won't stay stretched.  When it was shorter it wasn't as evident.  I don't want to cut it, but I don't know what to do. Any advice from someone who has multiple textures.  How can I blend the hair to make the differences less noticeable? How can I wash and go?

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