Should I cut my hair if I have heat damage or power through it?

I never had a relaxer but I've always had my hair straightened and blow dried for at least 4-5 years. So now that I'm in charge of my own hair by washing it and everything, I wanted to know whether or not I should cut my hair to get rid of the heat damage or just power through it. I know that once the hair is damaged it can't be reversed but I'm also a bit afraid of having hair shorter than it already is. I really want to grow my hair so I was wondering if cutting most of my hair would be a better solution. Thank you!

1 Answer

If you see that your styles aren't working for you or that your hair seems to be splitting or looking damaged, it's probably best to just cut off the heat damaged hair so that it doesn't not affect your natural hair. If it isn't making your situation particularly worse and you can deal with it, you can just transition from your heat damage.